Monday, April 6, 2009

topic 5

Business Models and their features:

Brokerage – help buyers connect up to sellers for a small fee, e.g. Ebay & Amazon

Advertising – the company pays a site a fee to allow their add to be displayed on their website. There are also search adds which show up when you search for their related product or service. E.g. intromercials & classifieds

Infomediary – a site that gathers data and organises it for another business, e.g. DoubleClick & Netratings

Merchant – wholesalers and retailers who sell goods and services, e.g. Amazon

Manufacturer (Direct) – allows the company who created the product or service to deal with buyers directly.

Affiliate – produces purchasing opportunities wherever people are web surfing, e.g. Barnes and Noble

Community – Sites run by the community, e.g. wikipedia

Subscription – users subscribe to a website pay a fee, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This way the user can use the content of the site, e.g. a service.

Utility – based upon a pay-as-you-go, like a subscription model but you are only charged when you use it, e.g. Slashdot

1) Mobile phone use per 100 people
Australia = 102.5
USA = 83.5
China = 41.2
India = 20.0

2) Internet use per 100 people
Australia = 54.2
USA = 71.9
China = 15.8
India = 6.9

3)Strength - performs well in buyer sophistication, even though the rank isn't that high the score compares well to the top countries; cost of a telephone call ranks well against most other developed countries. Weakness - ranks lowly for the internet access in school, while the actual education level is higher; ranks lowly compared to other developed countries (USA, UK, Germany, Japan) in terms of high speed monthly broadband subscriptions. (General Information Technology report - Individual Readiness)

4)The IT readiness of Australian consumers scored 5.12 where as the IT readiness of Australian business scored 5.02. with seven being the highest and 1 the lowest, Australia’s consumers and business readiness is above average.

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