Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Topic 2

Question 1- Part 1(a)- The first main point that Michael makes is that there is a problem with the amount of information that is on the internet. A lot of the information kept on the the net is only relevant for a short period of time but gets file away.

The second main point is that the majority of people using search engines are not aware on how to search effectively or how the search engines work.

The third main point addresses a similar problem, that is how Businesses make sure they are able to be found by people interested in their products.

The last main point that Michael makes relates to the growth in paid advertising in search engines, Meaning a company may pay money to a search company in order for them to appear at the top or close to the top of the results page. This is a major problem if the person searching for a product isn't aware that a business is paying to be at the higher end of the list.  

Question 1- Part 1(b)- I was interested in the way Google take ideas from everyone whether it be from their users or their executives. I believes this shows their good business sense and keeps them aware of the market changes happening in its field and allows it to stay on top. I also found the time frames that Marissa gave for voice and image search. I believe this will be a very helpful piece of technology when it becomes available

It was also interesting to see Marissa's opinion on mobile search and advertisement as I have an iPhone and seem to get bombarded with advertising from every application i open. Another thing I Found it interesting is that they try aim to have 25% of their engineers female. I found this strange as i would have thought they would just simply want the best engineers and not worry what sex they were.   

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