Monday, April 6, 2009

Topic 3

1.Customer centric websites are vital to orgnisations because once the customer is on the site they are able to buy or just leave the site. If the website is interesting for the customer they are likely to look around the site and view your products and services and even come back. For this to be achieved the site needs to be easy to navigate from the home page through to product sales, location of stores and contact information.

Customers are time poor and want to find what they are looking for fast. So businesses need to know what to put on the website to attract customers. Less is better because items are easier to find, customers don’t want to be wasting their time looking for the product they want. Customer centric websites are becoming so important that it is extremely important for it to be designed on a customer basis.

2. Presence: ensuring you have an immediate, engaging and lasting impression. Customers cannot buy your product if they cannot find it.

Like the physical world a business wants customers to keep coming back to their site which can be achieved through design, easy navigation, how long it takes to download and new content.

Businesses on the web should be concerned about businesses that operate in the physical world because they need the web to interact with customers. In saying this, businesses with a physical presence should also be concerned with the web based businesses because more and more people are shopping online.

3. Real estate agents can gain a lot through the use of the internet. Obviously the listing of all their properties is the main advantage but how long would it take to find the property you are looking for? easy clients can use a search to minimise the number of properties that most suits them. Virtual tours can be available as well as more pictures that you cannot use in a newspaper.

Mass media advertising is important for real estate agents because it provides them with access to people who do not have access to the internet. Newspapers, T.V and radio are the main areas you will find real estate agents advertising their properties to access as many people as possible.
Personal contact for the agent is important because it provides a relationship between the agent and the client. The agent is integral to the sale of the property between seller and buyer and this is why the personal contact is so important.

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