Tuesday, April 14, 2009

week 6

Question 1

a) What experiences have you had with shopping online?
I have bought a lot on ebay and at times get addicted to it. i have bought all types of things like car parts, clothes, bikes, etc. I have also sold things like my old phone that some sucker bought for way more than i thought it was worth.

b) Describe a good experience.
A good experience of buying online is when the product arrives as described and is what you thought you were purchasing

c) What did you like about the online store you used?
I like that ebay is fairly secure so there is not as much risk involved compared to some other sites.

d) Describe a bad experience.
I haven't really had a bad experience. The only thing that annoys me at times is the time span from when you buy a product til you receive it can be longer than it should be.

e) What problems did you have with the online store?
Haven't had any problems with the store so far....

f) What features make an online store more appealing?
It is often cheaper and you don't have to leave the house. It is also good if you forget a birthday you can buy the present online and send it straight to the person and blame the mail on why it was late. i.e. When I forgot to get dad a present.

g) What features make an online store less appealing?
Not knowing if the product your buying is what you actually want because you can't test it. The online risks of trusting people to send your item once you have paid.

h) Should we expect to see the prices of goods and services rise or fall due to the migration of consumers online?
Yes, prices will fall because of the online competition they now face.

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